Russian and English Speaking Forums Discuss the Project

The International Project of the Revision of the Present System
of the Publication and Estimation of Scientific Papers.

                                                                Russian and English-speaking forums discuss ideas of our project.

At this page we'd like to illustrate the examples of discussions (devoted to our project) taking place at some Russian and English-speaking Internet forums.

                                       Russian forums
                                                          English-speaking forums
Unfortunately, we must say that culture of these discussions members sometime are low. Even for me (Alexander Shagaev)  was very difficult to control myself sometime. Sometime it is obvious and I am sorry about my needless emotional reaction taking place during discussions with some discussion members. We don't think that all members of these discussions are ill-mannered. There are many interesting ideas (from different fields of science and technics) at these forums. It is necessary to develop a mechanism to prevent ill-mannered behavior of members of these forums. We think that following actions can be useful for the realization of these purposes:
1)   publicity of real data (full names, job place, job position, scientific degree) of all members of forums;
2)   the ban of any abusive statements (the violation of this rule must result in automatic expulsion corresponding person from the members list of this forum).
Other actions maybe proposed for these purposes also. We hope that common sense will win and intercourse between members will have cultural and correct forms.
Please click the following reference to see Russian version of discussion at the Russian science forum Membrana.
We sorry, but we can't offer you English version of this discussion, because its size is very big to translate it from Russian into English. We don't comment this discussion, everybody can do it by himself/herself.

The discussion devoted to the paper "Science without denominations", published at the Russian Journal "Chemistry and Life" and devoted to our project
Juan notes devoted to Lee Smolin paper "Why no new Einstein?" located at the site Sciscoop

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