Your Letters to Us

The International Project of the Revision of the Present System
of the Publication and Estimation of Scientific Papers.

The member of the questionnaire.
The point of the questionnaire member.
Golounin Alexander Vasilievich,
Job Organization: Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, the Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Science;
Scientific degree: Doctor of Chemical Science, professor;
Job position: the Leading Scientific Worker;
I support the idea of the discussion forums at all scientific journals and Internet scientific journals, also.
I believe that it is expedient to take into account (in course of the defenses of scientific degrees) papers published at such forums if they (papers) were approved by leading scientists. I offer to recommend to Higher Certifying Commission (HCC) to include such discussion forums in the list of admissible editions.

Pogodaev Vladimir Petrovich,
Job Organization: printing plant "Atlas";
Scientific Degree: candidate of chemical science;
Job position: manager;
The present situation of Russian science is the source of clans, contractual defenses of dissertations, concentrating wanted (obsequious, appeasable) stupid people around scientific bureaucrats that have a power. Such wanted peoples become candidates and doctors of sciences. The enterprising, talented peoples are forced to leave science. Pitiful sight of small groups of people trying to keep near the scientific pork and to have maximum profit from it (by means of different titles and positions) take place as a result. Thus, the possibility of open discussion and free exchange of views (in legal form) in Internet will prevent and maybe eliminate the possibility to make clans and servility around scientific bureaucrats.
Susoev Anatoliy Mihaylovich,
Job Organization: Institute of Physcics; Krasnoyarsk Branch of Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Science;
Job Position: the leading Engineer;
I share this site founder's opinion. Their tasks are actual and vital.
Poliak-Braginsky Nikolay Vladimirovich,
Job Organization: Siberian Plant of Heavy Engineering Industry;
Job Position: the Chief of Programming Office of Construction Department of Automatic Control Systems
Scientific Degree: no
I agree with the suggested system of publication. The estimation of work must take into account qualification of reviewers.
Abolin Oleg Eduardovich
Job Organization: Public Corporation "Chemical-Metallurgical Plan"
Scientific Degree: Candidate of Chemical Science;
Job Position: Engineer - Methodologist
I was surprised that this question wasn't discussed in Internet yet (it maybe discussed, I don't check it). I completely agree with all proposals (offered by the site authors), concerned with the change of the present system of publication and estimation of scientific papers. However, I think that a forum is necessary for this site. Russian forum is necessary for Russian part of the site and English Forum for other part of the site. Different scientists can write their notes to such forums, that language they know. The interaction between these part of the site is the problem of the authors of the site. I'd like, also, to offer to make a database, containing information about different rejected (by different publishers) papers (the reasons of rejection, editors names, time of papers submission, author-editor correspondence, papers texts).
Abdullah I. Almarshad
Job Organization: KACST
Job Position: Head., CORROSION GROUP
Scientific Degree: Ph. D. Prof.
I think it is a great project to develop new standards for the scientific publications taking into consideration the new communication technology to get red of old fashion process that still in use for referring and evaluating scientific publications. You have presented a good number of reasons and justifications for this change. An international efforts and recognition has to made to change the old system. Good luck.
Doctorovich Thinoviy Isaacovich
Job Organization: research-and-production association "Pulsar"
Job Position: scientific worker
Scientific Degree:
I believe that this undertaking is necessary and brewing a long time ago. I think that these reforms will allow to use the real democratic possibilities (given to scientific community by Internet) of Internet with more profit.

Tan Cao Tran
Organization: Retired Professor
Job Position:
Scientific Degree: Ph. D.
I agree with most of your proposals.
I have some funny experiences with the reviewers of some famous journals.
I will post them sometime later. We are now in the new arena of world wide science progress and communication. New ideas and new researches must be known and discussed largely in the world. Physics Forum may be one of the good places for the interests of the science world. We need more ideas and contributions of the scientists in the world.
Ruslan Sharipov
Organization: Bashkir State University
Job Position: associate professor
Scientific Degree: Candidate of sciences (PhD) in Russia
I strongly support your project. I think it is urgent and quite up to date.
Dr Doak PhD
Organization: Celequintial Research Lab
Job Position: Director of Research and Experimentation
Scientific Degree: PhD Nuclear Physics
It is in my opinion that the elemental point of view of the revision of the present system is that we should. In saying this what we are really saying is that what is, is in fact not. We must then bring to attention the fact that what may or may not be could have no parallax consequence to the estimation of scientific papers.

Anatoliy Rukov
Organization: IPZ Russian Academy of Science
Job Position: Leading Scientific Worker
Scientific Degree: candidate of physico-mathematical sciences
I agree with the proposals. There some dissatisfaction with the present publication system, that limits discussions, concerned with problems of renewal of our World organization conceptions.
Erik S. Brown
Country: USA
Organization: Argenta LLC
Job Position: Director
Scientific Degree: B.A. Chemistry
I read your postings on PhysicsForums and made some replies.  My feeling is the only way to begin a new process of publishing is to have a few recognized web sites to publish and archive new papers.  Possibly, your site should index the 'most visited' papers.  Since the most important work would get referenced in new papers, then we could assume that the most 'visited' papers would be a way to 'rank' papers that avoids the pier review problem. It will only be when 'important' publications are found on such websites (or blogs as you suggest) that we would overcome the pier review problem of major publications
Merenkov Valeriy Genadievich
Country: Russia
Organization: telecommunicational college (Smolensk)
Job Position: teacher
Scientific Degree: post-graduate student
The problem that you try to solve is really important. Its detailed developmental work struck me. However, there are some notes:
1. your following phrase (at the text begining) just horrify: " Every highly tailored scientific journal must have" Nobody don't must to do anything for us. Of course, the revolution is more effective then co-existence, but revolutionary ideas rejected at the beginning. They studied only later.  It is necessary to develop anew project based on the co-existence of the present and new publication system (if you really want to change anything, but not come to the assembly of the martyrs of present science).  The new system of accessible electronic journals is need now (I think that it exist now).
2. (I wrote it to your forum) the discussions (at the forums) can't guarantee that innovative work (paper) will be marked.
3. Internet is anonymous by its nature and I can't understand how can you defend our journal against anonymous persons like "Ivanov Petrov", which will begin to write positive notes on their friends papers?
Polianskiy Vladimir Nikolaevich
Country: Russia
Job Position: former plant engineer, a pensioner now.
Scientific Degree: no
Dear enterprising group,
I am a former plant engineer. Now I am work veteran. Thus, such as I have not any direct  links to science now. However, I work in polytronic physics now. You will know it if you will visit my web site:
Please, don't think that I want to use you to introduce (in practice) my ideas. I have passed very serious life tests (Russian term " to pass a fire, water and cupper pipes") when I tried to call to so called scientific community. I have not get any results. The short information about different organizations and well known peoples which were informed (by me) about my works: about two tens of institutes, tens famous and well known world level theorists, 2 Russian journals, 4 foreign journals and even to our (Russian) president! The deaf silence was their answers.  Just journals sent their single formal replies where they informed me about my papers discrepancy to their scientific direction or big number of pages (in my papers). Some of foreign journals answers contained badly masking allusion to Russian nature of authors (they mean that they don't have time to publish their authors, but not only Russian authors). So, I have very big doubts, concerned with our initiative, devoted to the revision of the system of estimation of scientific papers! Bureaucrats will to drop our initiative. I think that your most effective proposal is the development of scientific forums. I think that is necessary to make some actions with Russian State Duma. It is necessary to get a more high status for scientific forums. It is necessary a low about status of scientific forums.
There you are! Mr. Morozov has pleased us with this electronic multi-subject magazine .IT IS INVESTIGATED IN RUSSIA.
I bring two quotations from, so-called, "concept" of magazine:
- Articles from authors should have the recommendation of two doctors of the sciences, which are known as experts in the given subjects. Permissive doctors cannot recommend within one-year more than two articles. Doctors, recommending the given article, cannot be its authors (or co-authors). Surnames of permissive doctors are specified in magazine after the title of article, if they do not object to it.
- Article will be published without the recommendation, if among its co-authors there are members of the Russian Academy of Science.
Although to twenty doctors you can address for recommendations . they will be silent, as guerrillas, if you are not a berry from their field. The RAS is like a small party. And they have made this magazine for themselves . by a principle, that wolves should be full, and lambs should be safe and sound.
Look at the cover of magazine. It is smudged with Bohr.s model of atoms with electrons rotating around of a nucleus. The model for a long time has sunk into oblivion, but they continue to pull the wool over reader's eyes. I would advise initiative group to be afraid of such help especially. It is the example of direct attack of "scientific" bureaucracy on your initiative. I at all do not take into account new ideas. The censors for new ideas do not exist at all, since anybody, except for the author, yet does not understand this idea. I have in view of cases, when the author has convincingly shown a mistake in an official paradigm, but scientific reviewers pretend, that they do not see and do not hear it. For example, well-known carbon fullerens represent hollow balls. In all books their sizes and amount of atoms in each ball are specified. Take the calculator and calculate the density of carbon in fulleren. You find out, that it in 4 times is more, than density of carbon in graphite, and in 2.5 times it is more, than in diamond. Why all .known experts in the given subjects. are silent?
Parfenov Vladimir Alexandrovich
Country: Russia
Organization: Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Siberian Department Of Russian Academy of Sciences (Krasnoyarsk).
Job Position: junior scientific worker, post-graduate student.
Scientific Degree: no
I believe that this problem takes place.
My proposal is compromise between present reality situation and this project. I support the idea of the creating of public thematic Internet forums (that will discuss papers) at the sites of journals. However, I am afraid, that a reader will be overwhelmed by the information avalanche.  I'd like to propose to send a submitted paper (with additional letter of credence, containing the corresponding points of view of forum members) to the publisher after 2-3 month discussion. It is necessary to force journal reviewers to take into account these points of view during making their (reviewer) decisions about paper publication or forced them to base any their decision. Papers published at the journals maybe described as complete scientific papers. Paper that was transferred (at the forums) at the folder "accepted" must be described as thesis or report.
Ivanov Valeriy Nikolaevich
Country: Russia
Organization: military pensioner.
Job Position: I was military officer.  (the member of scientific forums of Russian scientific site "Membrana":
Scientific Degree: No. My speciality is pilotage and exploitation of aircrafts. My qualification is engineer-pilot.:
I support the basis of the project of revision of the system of estimation and review of scientific papers and its application in Russia.
Kushelev Alexander Urievich
Country: Russia
Organization: Private Laboratory
Job Position: The Chief of "Nanoworld" Laboratory Scientific Degree: No
Your project is actual. I confronted with a barrier to publish scientific publications. I also confronted with the absence of any reactions from the such addresses where you sent you letters. I'd like to offer you to acquaint yourself with "Nanoworld" encyclopedia and with the process of the creation of microwave energetics and aviation:
I have created pico-technology at 1992:
To present  it (pico-technology) to people I must pay 50000 USA $ for the registration in NCBI. What kind of marasmus is that?
Potapov Alexey Alexeevich
Country: Russia
Organization: Institute of dynamics control system.The Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Science;Irkutsk
Job Position:chief scietific worker, 
Scientific Degree: doctor of chemical science.
Good day!!! I suppor your project of the revision of the system of estimation and review of scientific papers.I am ready to take part in the solving this problem. - A.A. Potapov, the author of more then 200 scientific publications, 5 monograph and more then 30 certificates of authorship.
Kislizin Anatoly Petrovich
Country: Russia,
456775 Cheliabinsk region, Sneginsk, mailbox 825
home phone (8-35146) 3-71-63 
I suppor your project and your group work!
My work: it is connected with space-time continuum and located at the site: in the paper  "Introduction in the theory of inertial systems".
During my telephone call to L. Landau institute (Russian Academy of Science) I heard cynical answer of  official opponent : "You are not the first who are trying to bereave of bread and butter from us".
For God's sake! We must to amalgamate.

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